Saturday, June 12, 2021

New Views

Here's the new living room rug, which is still relaxing from being rolled up for shipping. I had a cream and black buffalo check rug here but it wasn't helping the look so it went on the front porch, since it is a indoor-outdoor fiber. I wanted/needed a red and white rug and ordered one online that turned out to be beige and maroon in real life. I had to return it and pay the return shipping ($60!!! argh) and then accidentally found this one online from Kohl's. If I opened a Kohl's charge I could get 35% off my first purchase. Well, needless to say I did. It is really really red.
Now here's the know I love my pugs, but because of them I can't have anything nice, and the view here lasted only minutes. I have to have that gingham cover on the couch or I would be washing the cushion covers weekly, which is a real hassle. Plus the skirt on the couch is an invitation to my little criminal Prince Tony to lift his leg. Mostly his aim is off, so the floor gets the puddle, but it is the skirt he thinks needs to be marked. Arrghh again.
Prince Tony

I have come to the conclusion to start over again with doggie proof furniture. The couch will go in Dave's room which is plenty big enough to accomodate it and since he loves to nap on it, I am sure it will be quite welcome. The two rust colored IKEA leather chairs will return to my sister's house and the other two metal chairs really belong in the screen porch. 
So here's what I decided to order. Outdoor furniture with rain impervious cushions. They have zippers, which is great for those times when I feel the need to machine wash them, but they wipe clean. What I really love is that the frame is acacia, and not all that outdoorsy looking. 

Here's the couch with ottoman scooted up to look like a chaise. The coffee table is included, also acacia. I know from experience that outdoor cushions are not 'cushy' since they must drain the rain, but for the time being they will do. When they flatten out for good, I can easily get foam and fill them to satisfy my cushy loving desires. I hope this works better and is going to be a bad doggie deterrent. 
The same day the rug arrived, so did my landscape guys. Ten shrubs and an Autumn Blaze maple tree got planted and major mulch makes it all look so grand. 

Of course we still have those circles of weeds left from the previous owner's flower beds. But I am promised that those will be taken care of soon. We have had an entire week of rain, thank God, and the plants are going nuts, but wait, a week of high temps will be coming and then look out!

7 am in the veggie garden. The potatoes and corn are going full on, and I am hoping to train the cucumbers, butternut squash and watermelon to climb up the tomato cages. I can't believe how well those kiddie pools work for these vegs.
But I do have deer, rabbits, and chipmunks that insist on sharing the feast. My first tomato had a big chunk bitten out of it, and lots of ants finding it tasty. I could have a fence around it all, and maybe I will but even so, I am enjoying the garden just the way it is. 

The green beans have had all their top leaves eaten off, but the buds for the beans remain. We'll see if the poor plants can produce beans after that haircut.
I did rescue an almost ripe tomato, and four, yes four baby zucchini.
One of three planters of basil. Lettuce Leaf and Mammoth varieties, with purple basil to boot. Can pesto be far behind?


  1. Love your choices--inside and out! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I started following your writings when you were in the home on the hill. You had dogs and gardens that I just loved seeing how you designed and put together. I coveted your big blue pots and the water feature and your vegetables. Then I discovered you were a knitter and a quilter. You were the woman I wanted to be. Thank you for feeding me and allowing me (us) to be part of you your beauty filled world. I am so grateful to you.

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