Monday, February 12, 2024


 Since I moved, the seed catalogs haven't yet found me, which is fine, since I rarely order from them. Instead I just see what is available at my local Walmart garden center, and this year I started really early.  I've learned that other gardeners like me are johnny on the spot and grab the good seeds immediately. I mean, the good BASIL seeds, essentially. It's easy to get Genovese and Sweet but I wanted Lettuce Leaf which so far has not shown up, or is already gone. I did snag Mammoth and a new variety, Spicy Saber. It's supposed to be hot. We'll see. 
I also am hoping to find Red Sails Lettuce, so more shopping will happen. The package of seeds for Window Box Mixed Lettuce is new for me. It might have what I want. I'll start seeds in an egg carton and see how that goes.
I may break down and order Haricot Vert green beans from a seed supplier. I like the skinny French version, but Tendergreen is also great. 
Nasturtiums, also need more of those. Half the time they don't germinate so I get several packets. I saw the Black version somewhere online, and may look again as they would be different. Obviously.

But I am particularly happy to have found these beauties, pictured next to an avocado for size comparison.
My sister called these Earth Nipples. Ha! They are not. But they are Elephant Ears bulbs. Really big ones.
Last year I got one from Lowes for $8 and these are the same size for $5.42, from Walmart. They also had bags of smaller ones, but I am thrilled to get these beauties before they get swiped by someone just like me.

Here is the one from my previous garden. Dave is behind it for size comparison. Hmmm, now that I look at this picture, I may have to return most of those bulbs. I don't have that much room. What was I thinking?

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  1. I gave up on the local packages from the big box stores as the germination rates were low and I didn't like the lack of variety. What grows well in one area of the country may not do as well in another.

    I've been buying my seeds from Baker's Creek. (rareseeds dot com) They specialize in heirloom and if you read their website and look at the reviews you can find seeds that are more likely to do well in your climate. Best part is if you buy a certain number of packets you get one free. Often a lettuce or a tomato. I love their variety of lettuce, basil, cucumbers, carrots and especially tomatoes. I've branched out to growing peas, beans and corn. I love their flower varieties as well. I am a sucker for pansies, violets and violas but they have a nice selection of nasturtiums as well. I don't remember what I did for mine but I think I nicked the seeds and then soaked them in water before planting. Or that might have been the morning glories.

    I'm doing Ice Queen, Tom Thumb and Henderson's Black-Seeded Simpson lettuce this year and my two free packets are Landis Winter and Yedikule lettuce. Also doing Merlo Nero spinach, Calabrese Broccoli, Little Finger carrots, Navone Yellow rutabagas, White Creole onions and Little Marvel peas. Never tried peas, broccoli or rutabaga before.

    I've got some Genovese basil from last year but I am going to try the Mammolo this year. It is compact and bushy and has a high leaf production.

    Usually I look forward to choosing all of the tomato varieties for summer but this year I am excited about finally doing a cool weather crop.